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The Rising Star Programme, operated by BlackBark Productions, has been established for the purposes of recognising, celebrating and connecting young talented people who have a capacity for achievement and success and who contribute in an inspirational manner to the future of our nation. The qualities that elevate Rising Stars to the top go beyond performance and technical excellence. Rising Stars are polished, brilliant individuals with tremendous promise and great talent who excel for reasons that go far beyond their technical abilities alone.

Talented people make things happen, are highly committed to achieving goals, innovate very rapidly, and create a great deal of value (for companies and/or themselves) when their talent is spotted and harnessed.

The Programme aims to be a significant and sustainable vehicle through which organisations, our country and our continent can identify and nurture these “organisational and national assets” who are set to play a key role in shaping the future of our country and our continent.

The Rising Star Programme is establishing a living community of young African talent that will be developed, mentored and provided with platforms for development and communication, therefore enabling them to become role models, opinion leaders and the inspiration for other future African Talent.

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Rising Star Summit

The ArcelorMittal Rising Star Summit will address and include leaders drawn from 3 generations: current leaders and CEOs, Rising Stars (28-40 yrs) recognised through our programme over the past 5 years and the top 100 students from across the country recognized by our inaugural GradStar programme. Discussing past experience and vision for the future, this Summit aims to facilitate knowledge sharing from existing leaders to future leaders yet also highlight ‘reverse sharing’ where the younger generations give their views and opinions on collaboration and the future for South Africa.

Rising Star Female Forum Platform

The Accenture Rising Star Awards publicly recognise inspirational and passionate individuals in South Africa who have a capacity for achievement and success. The Rising Star Awards are business-sector (rather than profession) specific, and encompass a gamut of different professions. A stringent assessment process is followed, culminating in panel interview with leading talent and industry specialists, to identify stars. All steps in the process are monitored to ensure good governance and integrity and high standards are adhered to.

Rising Star Annual

The Accenture Rising Star Annual is a publication that highlights the gems of wisdom and knowledge discovered through the Rising Star Programme in South Africa and serves to give back to all of those that have supported the project over the past few years. The main focus of the publication will be 12 key sectors replicating the Awards industry categories – each including a sector skills overview, interviews with select previous Rising Stars, CEO editorial insight pieces, a list of all Rising Stars recognized over all previous years – and an interview with each of the Rising Star category winners.

Rising Star Female Forum Platform

Rising Star Female Forum Platform presents and represent women from all walks of life, addressing the most controversial conversations especially during these turbulent times. Enabling tomorrow’s game-changers. This involves taking part in various conversations whilst expanding your own horizons. The Rising Star Female Forum stands and strives for equality of women in South Africa and around the world. We believe in the game-changers. It is important to equip Professional Females with an amazing network, training and mentorship in order to develop their health, education, work environment and the way they interact with their community.