2015 Rising Star Summit

ArcelorMittal Rising Star Summit

Stepping up to leadership: the next generation

October 12, 2015, Emperors Palace

In all corners of life, in all corners of the globe, industry norms and traditional ways of working are being challenged. A new global order is being born.Talented young people, as natural challengers to accepted norms, will be the natural leaders in this new world.venue

Why participate?
The Rising Star Programme has successfully recognised over 200 talented young individuals over 4 years. We operate a 3 stage judging process, culminating in a 2.5 hour interview in front of a panel of experts. These young talented individuals have not only been recognised by their own organisations but then have competed with their peers in the country’s only national platform where this can happen.
They are the next generation of leaders.
• This is your chance to engage with them, hear what they think, speak directly to them and learn from them.
• This is your opportunity to position your organisation as an employer/trainer/educator of choice – and assist with their ongoing development and upliftment.

stars talkThe 2015 Summit will:

• Explore the qualities leaders need to thrive in a new-look economy
• Analyse the changed world in which they’ll need to operate
• Gain insight from today’s leaders
• Showcase the leaders of the future
• Support future leaders in building their own global networks

• The face of new leadership
• Redefining leadership: talking to the future
• Next generation leaders; the opportunity for enterprise
• Exploring leadership values: authenticity, kindness & collaboration; bravery
• Leadership insights: debunking the myths, highlighting the reality of successful leaders

Who should attend?
All those responsible for talent within an organisation, as well as the talent themselves. CEOs, HR and talent directors & managers, line managers, talented individuals. Policy makers and agenda setters with a focus on future leadership.




350 delegates will attend this one day, high level, inspirational and educational Summit.